visionSys visionbox

Design of the inter­ac­tive pro­jec­tion gadget

vision­Box is a tech­no­log­i­cal nov­el­ty that real­ly attracts every­body. It is a cut­ting edge pro­jec­tion of inter­ac­tive adver­tise­ment in shop­ping cen­tres, pub­lic places or oth­er areas such as e.g. car bon­net. Besides clas­sic graph­ic ani­ma­tions, client can play var­i­ous videos with addi­tion­al sound effects. New tech­nol­o­gy enables pro­jec­tion of var­i­ous pre­sen­ta­tions, music spots or com­pet­i­tive games in which the view­er can take part. Every device con­tains 5 appli­ca­tion slots in which 5 appli­ca­tions with before­hand set up length can run.

project was created with Slavomír Ozaník

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