Pilatus Pc 24 business jet

Design and ergon­o­my of the con­trol wheel and over­head panel

Design of the con­trol wheel was born on my intern­ship in Pila­tus Air­craft Ltd. Dur­ing this time i worked on var­i­ous indus­tri­al design and styling top­ics. I was a part of design devel­op­ment team. We are worked on inte­ri­or for PC 24. New air­craft in busi­ness jet cat­e­go­ry for six pas­sen­gers, range of 3,300 km and a cruise speed of 786 km/h.

The PC-24 is sim­ply unique. It’s the only air­craft com­bin­ing the ver­sa­til­i­ty of a tur­bo­prop with the cab­in size of a medi­um-light jet, and the per­for­mance of a light jet. It’s a plane that sim­ply doesn’t fit into any of the exist­ing busi­ness jet categories.”

My main top­ic was to cre­ate design of totaly new and uncon­ven­tion­al yoke for PC 24. Key idea was to cre­ate yoke with more steer­ing wheel look­ing and bring some sim­il­iar­i­ties from for­mu­la one steer­ing con­trol­er. Pila­tus team has a lot of knowl­edges and expe­ri­ences with yoke design­ing from pre­vi­ous projects but we have to did some new steps and build many things from scratch. We had to local­ized the cor­rect and ide­al spaces for the swith­es beca­sue the hand on our yoke are in difer­ent posi­tions. Major ele­ment for design­ing a new yoke is ergon­o­my. I’ve made a lot of ergonom­ic mod­els which helped us to find plac­ing for main con­trol ele­ments and ide­al shaping.

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