Nox quadcopter

Exper­i­men­tal fpv quad­copter con­cept design

Require­ments for this design were to cre­ate a quad­copter foe a 250 size cat­e­go­ry. Right now NOX is the main con­cept design for upcom­ing FPV rac­ing simulator.

We have start­ed with some futur­is­tic ideas, but still kept them very close to a clas­sic quad­copter. NOX should dis­pose of a sta­bi­liza­tion cab­ine and a pair of vari­able wings to posi­tion it dur­ing flight.

The cab­in has an autonomous sta­bi­liza­tion sys­tem which is depen­dent on a lfight mode eg. angle of attackm land­ing, tak­ing off etc. this is why rotors are built togeth­er on one wing and con­nect­ed to body just on one rota­tion piv­ot. There was also an idea to cre­ate an inde­pen­dent left/right wing, this should be more use­ful for faster and more effec­tive turn­ing capa­bil­i­ties. NOX can be manuev­ered with rotors, but also by  dif­fer­ences bet­tween angles of the wings.

NOX is not just a vision. We have worked with some major ele­ments includ­ing size (from rotor to rotor is 250 mm) and brush­less engines and also a few new ideas which are pos­si­ble for today. The cen­tral part of the fuse­lage is built for bat­tery pack, con­trol unit and a cam­era sys­tem. Cov­ers are designed for a drag coef­fi­cient elim­i­na­tion and mak­ing a more effi­cient upforce.  Fin shaped fuse­lage is designed for a bet­ter lat­er­al sta­bil­i­ty in manuevering.

project was created with Slavomír Ozaník

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