iqg weam

Weath­er mon­i­tor­ing sta­tion for smartphone.

Weam is wire­less weath­er mon­i­tor­ing sta­tion for smart­phones work­ing with bleu­tooth tech­nol­o­gy. This is the prod­uct with pure and mod­ern design as well as easy to use in every­day life. Weam is pow­ered by 2AAA bat­ter­ies with up to 550 days bat­tery life.

Mea­sured data are trans­mit­ted to the sur­round­ings and avail­able to every­one with­in reach via a Weam smart­phone app. The ide­al solu­tion for open space offices and pub­lic spaces.

project was created with Slavomír Ozaník

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