Airbus Hx 280 cockpit

High speed coax­i­al heli­copter concept

The Air­bus HX280 is a next gen­er­a­tion high cruise speed heli­copter con­cept. Idea was to cre­ate a heli with coax­i­al main rotor and  vari­able-pitch push­er pro­peller. I was inspired by the great Sikorsky’s S97 Raider. The HX280 is a sin­gle-engine, 10m rotor diam­e­ter, 2.1m diam­e­ter pro­peller air­craft with a crew of two and room for six pas­sen­gers. It can also be equipped with a stan­dard pal­let-sized car­go door.

Here you can see some screen­shots from developing.

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