Aeropro Vision

High wing com­pos­ite ultra­light aircraft

Vision is high wing hybrid com­pos­ite air­craft man­u­fac­tured by the Aero­pro com­pa­ny. Vision is designed by apply­ing the most mod­ern design and con­struc­tion tech­niques, almost 30 years of knowl­edge, expe­ri­ence and excel­lence in build­ing air­craft. I start­ed work­ing on the project around 2012. My main top­ics were the fuse­lage design and the com­plete interior.

To ver­i­fy the pro­por­tions, we cre­at­ed a 1: 4 mod­el in the first phase, after that we cre­at­ed the final 3D mod­el of fuse­lage. The fuse­lage graph­ics form a large wind­shield that is visu­al­ly con­nect­ed to the side glass on the door. Visu­al­ly, we sup­pressed the rear door frame. All glass­es are glued from the out­side and thats why we achieved an excel­lent look­ing air­craft. The fuse­lage is fold­ed from com­pos­ite part and the cage part. The rear part of fuse­lage is from com­pos­ite and it’s self-sup­port­ing. The front part is assem­bled from out­side com­pos­ite and inner unique chro­moly 4130 steel cage that pro­tects the pilot and pas­sanger in the event of an emer­gency. The wing, hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal sta­bliz­ers are full com­pos­ite with car­bon fibre beams.

Safe­ty of the Vision is one of the biggest fea­ture. We take the nec­es­sary prepa­ra­tion and pre­ven­tion steps to make sure that every flight you take in Vision air­craft is as safe as pos­si­ble. Fuse­lage with unique chro­moly 4130 steel cage that pro­tects the pilot and pas­sanger in the event of an emergency.

One of the major design points of Vision is mod­ern ergonom­ic cab­in. All fea­tures pro­vide supe­ri­or com­fort and usabil­i­ty for peo­ple of all sizes. Access is easy via two large doors. Pilot and copi­lot seats are adjustable. The inte­ri­or is fur­nished with high­est qual­i­ty leather. Instru­ment pan­el is equipped with two Garmin GDU 460.

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