Airbus helicopter

Con­cept study of new gena­ra­tion coax­i­al heli­copters
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samuel nicz

Samuel Nicz is a design­er with trans­porta­tion and indus­tri­al design expe­ri­ences. He stud­ied at Acad­e­my of Fine Arts and Design in Bratisla­va, Slo­va­kia, where he had chance to meet and learn from proffe­sion­al design­ers. Dur­ing his car­ri­er he had the plea­sure to work with brands like Pila­tus Air­craft Ltd. / Switzer­land, Pip­istrel Air­craft / Slove­nia, BRM AERO / Czech Repub­lic, New Space Tech­nolo­gies / Czech Repub­lic, Aero­pro Air­craft / Slo­va­kia, Shark Aero / Slo­va­kia etc.

Workin progress
Robinson R22 redesign / CAD modeling
I’ve start mod­el­ing the heli­copter. Base shape and win­dows are almost done.
Robinson R22 redesign
Here is my last per­son­al project. It’s Robin­son heli­copter R22 redesign con­cept.
Helicopter concept design / modeling interior
here is a pre­view from cock­pit of the HX280 con­cept.
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